proxysql_galera_checker arguments are incorrect.

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  • proxysql_galera_checker arguments are incorrect.

    Hello. I just installed PXC, according to your documentation. It seems that the documention is out of date, in regards to the correct arguments for proxysql_galera_checker.sh, as the arguments changed between version 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 of the script (see: https://github.com/sysown/proxysql/issues/695).

    My PXC is a 3-node cluster, where all 3 nodes can read & write. It has a single hostgroup, with an id of zero.

    Would you please tell me what arguments I should be passing to the script, for my cluster? Thanks!

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    I dove into the script and figure out what it needed.

    The latest documentation I can find (Percona-XtraDB-Cluster-5.7.18-29.20.pdf), in 29.3.4 of "Manual Configuration" of ProxySQL, says to add this entry to the scheduler:

    INSERT INTO scheduler(id,interval_ms,filename,arg1,arg2,arg3,a rg4) VALUES(1,'10000','/usr/bin/proxysql_galera_checker','','6032','0','/var/lib/proxysql/proxysql_galera_checker.log');

    That *used* to be correct, but the script has left the documentation behind, and now requires different arguments, specifically:

    Usage: $0 <hostgroup_id write> [hostgroup_id read] [number writers] [writers are readers 0|1] [log_file]

    - HOSTGROUP WRITERS (required) (0..) The hostgroup_id that contains nodes that will server 'writes'
    - HOSTGROUP READERS (optional) (0..) The hostgroup_id that contains nodes that will server 'reads'
    - NUMBER WRITERS (optional) (0..) Maximum number of write hostgroup_id node that can be marked ONLINE
    When 0 (default), all nodes can be marked ONLINE
    - WRITERS ARE READERS (optional) (0|1) When 1 (default), ONLINE nodes in write hostgroup_id will prefer not
    to be ONLINE in read hostgroup_id
    - LOG_FILE (optional) file logfile where node state checks & changes are written to (verbose)

    So, the documentation *should* now say to add this entry to the scheduler, for the example setup they walk through in "Manual Configuration":

    INSERT INTO scheduler(id,active,interval_ms,filename,arg1,arg2 ,arg3,arg4,arg5) VALUES(1,'1','10000','/usr/bin/proxysql_galera_checker','0','-1','0','1','/var/lib/proxysql/proxysql_galera_checker.log');

    The only other thing I had to do was update /etc/proxysql-admin.cnf with the password for 'admin', that I'd set in ProxySQL.

    It's working like a charm now. SOLVED.