Directory error -while executing pt-deadlock-logger

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  • Directory error -while executing pt-deadlock-logger


    I have installed percona-2.2.7

    Im getting the same error while using any command such as 'pt-table',pt-% in any directory

    [root@MYSQLTEST ~]# pt-deadlock-logger --create-dest-table --dest D=audit,t=deadlocks –u root –pxxxxxxx
    : No such file or directory

    [root@MYSQLTEST perconatoolkit-2.2.7]# pt-deadlock-logger localhost -u root -pxxxx --create-dest-table --dest D=auditr,t=deadlocks
    : No such file or directory

    [root@MYSQLTEST man1]# pt-deadlock-logger localhost -u root -pxxx --create-dest-table --dest D=audit,t=deadlocks
    : No such file or directory

    PLease help me

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    while testing

    got below error

    [root@MYSQLTEST ~]# time SLOW_TESTS=1 PT_PERL_LIB=/pt/lib prove -rs /pt/t/
    Cannot determine source for /pt/t/ at /usr/share/perl5/App/Prove.pm line 496

    real 0m0.109s
    user 0m0.011s
    sys 0m0.003s


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      From the perconatoolkit-2.2.7 directory, change into the bin directory, and try:

      ./pt-deadlock-logger --create-dest-table --dest D=audit,t=deadlocks –u root –pxxxxxxx

      That will tell the OS to look at the specific file in the directory you are in instead of looking for it in your PATH.


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        Thanks for your answer...

        but still getting same error..

        [root@MYSQLTEST bin]# ls
        mysqljsonimport pt-heartbeat pt-slave-find
        pt-agent pt-index-usage pt-slave-restart
        pt-align pt-ioprofile pt-stalk
        pt-archiver pt-kill pt-summary
        pt-config-diff pt-mext pt-table-checksum
        pt-deadlock-logger pt-mysql-summary pt-table-sync
        pt-diskstats pt-online-schema-change pt-table-usage
        pt-duplicate-key-checker pt-pmp pt-upgrade
        pt-fifo-split pt-query-digest pt-variable-advisor
        pt-find pt-show-grants pt-visual-explain
        pt-fingerprint pt-sift
        pt-fk-error-logger pt-slave-delay
        [root@MYSQLTEST bin]# ./pt-deadlock-logger --create-dest-table --dest D=audit,t=deadlocks –u root –pxxxx
        : No such file or directory

        the reason may the installation of percona, not properly installed???
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          Check to see if the file is set to executable, or just set it regardless:

          chmod +x ./pt-deadlock-logger

          Then try to run just the script with no parameters to see if it picks it up or not: