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    This limitation is again actual ?
    "DDL statements are problematic and may stall cluster. Later, the support of DDL will be improved, but will always require special treatment."

    Or this is fixed with the Percona 5.5.24 ?

    I have this error message in my logs :
    [ERROR] Slave SQL: Could not execute Delete_rows event on table Pa.AreaType; Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails (`Pa`.`Area`, CONSTRAINT `fk_Area_AreaType` FOREIGN KEY (`areaTypeId`) REFERENCES `AreaType` (`id`) ON UPDATE CASCADE), Error_code: 1451; handler error HA_ERR_ROW_IS_REFERENCED; the event's master log FIRST, end_log_pos 129, Error_code: 1451
    120808 16:39:29 [Warning] WSREP: RBR event 2 Delete_rows apply warning: 152, 4075
    120808 16:39:29 [ERROR] WSREP: Failed to apply trx: source: f9cba57e-dc95-11e1-0800-77d8ecca2a9e version: 2 local: 0 state: CERTIFYING flags: 1 conn_id: 269454 trx_id: 55717 seqnos (l: 693, g: 4075, s: 4074, d: 4059, ts: 1344436768974245716)
    120808 16:39:29 [ERROR] WSREP: Failed to apply app buffer: z"P, seqno: 4075, status: WSREP_FATAL
    at galera/src/replicator_smm.cpp:apply_wscoll():50
    at galera/src/replicator_smm.cpp:apply_trx_ws():121
    120808 16:39:29 [ERROR] WSREP: Node consistency compromized, aborting...
    120808 16:39:29 [Note] WSREP: Closing send monitor...
    120808 16:39:29 [Note] WSREP: Closed send monitor.
    120808 16:39:29 [Note] WSREP: gcomm: terminating thread
    120808 16:39:29 [Note] WSREP: gcomm: joining thread
    120808 16:39:29 [Note] WSREP: gcomm: closing backend
    120808 16:39:29 [Warning] WSREP: TO isolation failed for: 3, sql: ALTER TABLE `MappingTablesGeoToArea` AUTO_INCREMENT = 1. Check wsrep connection state and retry the query.
    120808 16:39:29 [Warning] WSREP: ALTER TABLE isolation failure

    Best regards

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    Yes the limitation is still there, as for example, big alter tables could have some problem. Are you able to reproduce this problem ?