Percona Xtradb Cluster and sharding

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  • Percona Xtradb Cluster and sharding

    Hello everyone. I could not find a topic with the same or with a similar subject, so I would like to start one.
    I have a Percona Xtradb Cluster with 3 nodes. Data is replicated on each 3 of them, but my database is excpexted
    to grow pretty fast.
    Is there any way to use sharding with Percona Xtradb Cluster or any other proper solution for large database (of course, I would like to
    be still able to user Percona Xtradb Cluster)?


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    Sharding wouldn't be something that you'd solve with PXC or anything based on Galera. At least natively. You need to either build sharding logic into your application, or try shard-aware proxy applications like ScaleArc or Tesora. The only difference would be that each shard is actually a Percona cluster instead of a single instance of MySQL.


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      Thanks a lot for the suggested tools .. I was expecting something like this, but I wanted to be sure.. Thanks again