Running XtraDB on Amazon Web Services?

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  • Running XtraDB on Amazon Web Services?

    I have 3 Servers running PXC on AWS.

    I have 1 server running in each Availability Zone.

    Amazon say they do maintenance on their boxes once a month and for about 30 minutes the server may go down. I don't know, I have just started using them.

    Has anyone experienced any issues with AWS from running a cluster stand point?

    What if the Master goes down for about 30 minutes? What will this really affect.

    I'm not too worried about 1 node going down for 30 minutes.


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    What do you mean by 'master'?
    All depends on the workload and gcache size set. If the writes that happened in the cluster during these 30 minutes can still fit in gcache - the node that had maintenance will sync with the cluster using IST state transfer and will continue functioning.