Is it possible to detach a cluster node from mysql galera?

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  • Is it possible to detach a cluster node from mysql galera?

    I currently have a MySQL Percona Galera cluster with WSREP composed by three nodes.
    For a very very long story in a galaxy far far away I need to detach one node and make it independent. I also need to reactivate mysql query cache that is not currently supported with wsrep.
    I tried to remove all the wsrep directives in my "my.cnf" file but it does not seem to disable it and I continuously get the "Query cache is not supported" error.
    Any idea will be appreciated.

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    I also encountered cases "query cache is not supported" error in your MySQL, like Phoenix128
    A good idea maybe someone will help me. Thank you all.
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      Query Cache can be enabled now since recent PXC 5.6.15:

      But really, are you sure it's beneficial for you?

      Also, if you need a separate node from the cluster - you can set one of the existing nodes as a asynchronous master to a non-PXC slave replica.