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  • XtraDB Cluster Performance

    I have a 2 node centos 6.5 Percona XtraDB Cluster cluster set up on Hyper-V 2012 r2 i also have a single mysql server set up on the same Hyper-V server using the same settings. I tested importing a 1.4m sql file, which is a backup of a sugarcrm database, and it took about 24 minutes to import, and 10 min to drop the db after import. On the mysql server it took about 2 min to import and 22 secs to drop. I know that replication hits on performance but i must be doing something wrong for it to be that bad. Any suggestions?


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    Never Mind... After a ton of searching and tweaking I decided to try MariaDB Galera Cluster. Wow... Amazing performance. 27 Seconds to import the same file and 7 seconds to drop. I know what I'll be using.