Improving performance for parallel inserts for XtraDB cluster.

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  • Improving performance for parallel inserts for XtraDB cluster.

    I setup a 6 node XtraDB cluster (3 on one data center and the other 3 on a different data center). We are running a test in which we are using 30 threads to execute in parallel a sql file containing 3333 insert commands into a table. Each insert represents a transaction. IfI run 1 thread it takes about 8 sec to insert the 3333 records. If I run 3 threads in parallel it still takes 8 secs.. If i run more than 3 threads in parallel every extra thread takes about 8 sec. For example 4 threads will load in 16 secs, 5 threads will load in 24 secs, etc.. In the end I need about 250 secs (or more) to load 100000 records. For this cluster writes will happen on the same node (no multim master writing). wsrep_slave_threads is set to 10. What would you recommend to change (in the config file, etc..) in order to improve parallel inserts for the above test?
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    can you look at the activity of the db during the insert process using "show engine innodb status \G;"
    you can also check if the log buffer is waiting on flushing
    or if fsync/s are high?

    various parameter to consider here