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  • cluster how to read ibdata file


    Actually we have nearly above 600Gb of data but i have one doubt is .ibd and ibdata1 both are needed? because db contains 300Gb and ibdata contains 320 GB .. And mysql taking much time to start....

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    You can't have one without the other in Innodb -- the ibd files and the ibdata1 are inseparable and you must copy them all over.

    If the ibdata1 is bloated with a bunch of empty space, there's only one way to shrink it. The first answer here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3...-file-in-mysql


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      Thanks For your reply.. I will check with that link and let you know. And we have mysql 5.1.39 and innnodb version is 1.0 .. what is the basic requirement for percona clusterand xtarbackup


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        Hi tried the link you gave it is working.. But mysqldump took 8 hrs and mysql restore took 30 hrs.... how to avoid this much time....


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          If you re-created your data by dumping/reloading to/from sql dump, you can use this new instance as binary data source for more nodes, no need to dump/load again.
          But in general for SQL dumps, you may try tools like mydumper/myloader to speed the process up.