Possible to migrate from a Galera install to a Percona install

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  • Possible to migrate from a Galera install to a Percona install

    Is it possible to migrate a current Galera Cluster install (3+1) to a Percona Cluster (3+1) via the RPM's or yum?

    Install is using CentOS5 x86_64 with Galera 5.5.23-log as reported by cmon.
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    In general MySQL community to Percona Server (same major version) migration is easy and Percona Server is a drop in replacement (and vice-versa unless you enable some PS feature that is non-backward compatible - these are clearly documented in the PS manual).

    I'd expect (in general) the same to be the case for Galera Cluster -> PXC.


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      Thank you for the response. I believe the proper steps would be to remove the Galera Cluster software first either via RPM or YUM (I did not do the original install so I am not sure how it was done) on each node. Then YUM the Percona packages. Which Percona packages should I install on an existing Galera cluster. I have an idea but I would like a second option.
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        Looking at the yum repo: http://repo.percona.com/centos/6/os/x86_64/

        Percona-Xtradb-Cluster-server and assorted dependencies is the short answer.


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          OK. That verified my plan. Thank you.