Percona - all nodes down, how could this happen?

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  • Percona - all nodes down, how could this happen?

    Please see the link

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    Any answer will be appreciated.


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      Abdel, I'm not sure I fully follow your question, but I think you are asking why two nodes can be joining at the same time when there is only one donor?


      • abdel
        abdel commented
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        The issue I'm having is all the nodes should not be down at the same time, donor state is down state. If two nodes are down, do not use the third as donor and wait for manual since at a certain time when nobody is using the system. Else my sites are down till at least 2 nodes are synced. If this takes minutes to since, then no problem but the sync takes an hour because it's a big database. How can I make it so that at least one node needs to be up? any configuration option. Thank you!

      • percona.jayj
        percona.jayj commented
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        I see -- you're asking for a feature to prevent SST in the case there is only 1 node in the cluster. This doesn't exist, and donor management is left up to the operator.