Need HELP setting up Cluster !!!!

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    The long query time means the server will log queries that take over that amount of time, i.e. queries that take over 10 seconds to run by default. Not sure if that's what you meant, but it is slightly different than what you said so wanted to clarify. =)

    You do not really need to monitor the slow query log itself; just use pt-query-digest to process it after you have the sample you want (i.e. 24 hours worth of slow queries). Then just start at the top of the list that pt-query-digest gives you and see if you can optimize the queries by adding indexes or re-writing the queries when possible.


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      Thank you once again Scott, for assisting me and i shall revert back with the any further queries if any, and also with the output of the slow logs for suggestions

      Thank you so much