restored backup with icremental backup

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  • restored backup with icremental backup


    I have first taken a full backup of mysql suppose on monday, In backup I have nearly more than 30 databases,then I have taken the increment backup of tuesday.

    now I want to restored the one database of tuesday, what should be the command to restored the one database of tuesday?

    Please guide for the same.

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    Restore the entire backup to Tuesday on a non-production location, then extract this database and copy it to your production server.


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      Thnks for reply.

      In my environment I need to frequent restored the database from the live server to the local (development server), As you suggested for this I need to keep a another system in spare for restored the live server databases !!!! which is some cost on us !!!!!

      Xtrabckup will not suit in our environment ?


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        In this case I'd probably look at some combination of replication and filesystem snapshots. Do your dev/test work, roll back to the snapshot, let replication catch up, snapshot again, etc.


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          I dont get you, about the snapshot !!! I am using linux I never take this kind of snapshot stuff.....

          I am using mysqldump command for taking backup of database with each file for each database.

          so its very easy to restore when required.

          As I found the Xtrabackup is very good tool for mysql backup, I was trying to implement for the above requirement, bus I was fail to do the same.