Xtrabackup 1.5, MySQL 5.5 and Windows

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  • Xtrabackup 1.5, MySQL 5.5 and Windows


    We are interested in running Xtrabackup under Windows in combination with MySQL 5.5. Are there any plans to include a Windows build as part of Xtrabackup 1.5 release?



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    Percona is always looking for sponsors on development for other platforms. Contact sales for more details here http://www.percona.com/contact/sales/
    Our documentation has a lot of answers about common questions on Percona software, have you checked there before posting that question here? http://www.percona.com/forums/core/i...lies/smile.png

    Join us at the annual Percona Live MySQL Users Conference - http://www.percona.com/live/mysql-conference-2014/


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      I did contact sales but no one has replied yet. Can you check why it is taking this long?


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        I checked -- Nikki replied to you but it looks like there might have been a problem and she is going to resend her email. (Check your spam folder?)


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          I'm interested in this as well. I would attempt to compile it myself but I can't find any build instructions for Windows. I assume cygwin is used but I can't find any information on this.

          Not sure why this question involves contact sales..


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            I am not sure how the build team builds it for Windows. I doubt it is cygwin. The reference to contacting sales is because if you need it and are willing to pay for it, it can happen quickly; if not, then it will be done as time and resources allow. Right now the build team is working very hard on several server releases, so I am not sure when they will return to XtraBackup+Windows builds.