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  • xtrabackup RAM usage before preparation

    We've been using xtrabackup for several years and it turned out to be a great tool. However, each time we run a full backup, this tool eats all available RAM, making other services work slowly during a high traffic period. Is there any option available like "--use-memory" but when running a full and not a prepare backup? Or any other option to run this process limiting RAM usage?

    I've tried to set ulimit -v to assign limits on virtual memory on a ssh session when running a backup with the xtrabackup tool and still eats all available RAM.

    Thanks, Carlos.
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    Hi Carlos

    Can I get some more information from you about your set up please?
    - what version of Percona XtraBackup are you on? If it's not the latest version (2.4.9) would you be able to upgrade to the latest and retest for us?
    - how much RAM do you have and how are you quantifying that Percona XtraBackup is eating it up?
    - what environment are you operating?
    - has it ALWAYS used up all the RAM or is this something new that you are seeing?

    If you could update with some of these details, I'll see if I can get more information for you. Can I just also check if you are a Support customer? Only if that's the case, then we probably need to raise a ticket for you with customer support (rather than the open source forum)... https://www.percona.com/services/support



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      Hi Lorraine,

      - We are using Percona XtraBackup v 2.4.5; yes, we could upgrade to latest version (v 2.4.9) and retest; will let you know.
      - We have a total of 122GB RAM; we have assigned RAM for the InnoDB buffers, services and OS; on low traffic, we usually get to have 35GB of free RAM, but after a couple of minutes we start to run the backup process, it begins to use all of this available RAM; we wish to control the amount of RAM assigned to this process during a FULL backup so it doesn't uses the RAM reserved for other processes.
      - We are using Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS.
      - It has been using up all available RAM since we started making live backups.

      I'm not a Support customer.

      Thanks, Carlos.


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        Hi Lorraine,

        About using latest version (v 2.4.9); we have upgraded from v.2.4.5 yesterday and we still have same problem with memory RAM usage during a FULL backup.

        Thanks, Carlos.