Some info about ib_logfile0 and ib_logfile1

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  • Some info about ib_logfile0 and ib_logfile1

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this backup and sorry if the question is dumb. After executing the backup command:

    innobackupex --user=xxxx --password=xxxxxxx /var/lib/mysql_backup

    it ended up with: innobackupex: completed OK!

    so far so good, but i looked at the folder's size and it was 355 MB , but earlier backups are 4,1 GB. When i opened them they had these two files: ib_logfile0 and ib_logfile1, which are missing in the new backup folder.

    Can you explain me what are these and why are they missing in the new backup folder?

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    The log files will be missing until you prepare the backup.
    The size still seems very small - do you have very large log files?


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      This is what's in the folder of the previous backup that was created:

      4.0K backup-my.cnf
      58M ibdata1
      2.1G ib_logfile0
      2.1G ib_logfile1
      1.0M mysql
      212K performance_schema
      7.1M radius
      27M xbench
      4.0K xtrabackup_binary
      4.0K xtrabackup_binlog_pos_innodb
      4.0K xtrabackup_checkpoints
      2.0M xtrabackup_logfile

      And this is the latest:

      4.0K backup-my.cnf
      59M ibdata1
      1.1M mysql
      212K performance_schema
      260M radius
      3.7M radmin
      26M xbench
      4.0K xtrabackup_binary
      4.0K xtrabackup_checkpoints
      7.3M xtrabackup_logfile

      So the missing files are ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1 and xtrabackup_binlog_pos_innodb. By logfiles, which logs do you mean exactly?
      So after preparing the backup i'll have ib_logfiles? But what about xtrabackup_binlog_pos_innodb? In the history command I can't find how the previous backup was created. It was over a year ago and there is no one working here from that period to ask them.
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        Percona has an easy to follow guide on taking, preparing, and restoring a full backup:


        The files you are missing will be created once you run the apply-log step to prepare the backup prior to restore.
        Scott Nemes


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          I followed the guide, but it says nothing about these ib_logfiles or I've missed it. Anyway, I understood when and how they are created. Thank you for the help.


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            The guide is really just meant to show you how to create, prepare,and restore a backup with as little detail / complication as possible to get you going. If you are curious for more details, there is a ton of extra information in the Xtrabackup/Innobackupex documentation you could spend all day reading if interested. But that might put you to sleep at some point.
            Scott Nemes