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  • Error doing first backup

    I'm attempting to use XtraBackup for the first time and it is failing and I can't figure out why.

    [root@server10076 mysql]# uname -a
    Linux server10076.i3d.net 2.6.32-358.18.1.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Aug 28 17:19:38 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    show variables like "%version%"
    MySQL Community Server (GPL)

    MySql and the XtraBackup are running on the same box.

    From the MySql data directory (/var/lib/mysql) I run the following,
    innobackupex --defaults-file=/etc/my.cnf --user=root --password=xxx ./dbbackup

    and get the following result,
    InnoDB Backup Utility v1.5.1-xtrabackup; Copyright 2003, 2009 Innobase Oy
    and Percona Ireland Ltd 2009-2012. All Rights Reserved.

    This software is published under
    the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, June 1991.

    130917 22:26:09 innobackupex: Connecting to MySQL server with DSN 'dbi:mysql:;mysql_read_default_file=/etc/my.cnf;mysql_read_default_group=xtrabackup' as 'root' (using password: YES).
    130917 22:26:09 innobackupex: Connected to MySQL server
    IMPORTANT: Please check that the backup run completes successfully.
    At the end of a successful backup run innobackupex
    prints "completed OK!".

    innobackupex: Using mysql server version 5.6.13-log

    innobackupex: Created backup directory /var/lib/mysql/dbbackup/2013-09-17_22-26-09

    130917 22:26:09 innobackupex: Starting ibbackup with command: xtrabackup_56 --defaults-file="/etc/my.cnf" --defaults-group="mysqld" --backup --suspend-at-end --target-dir=/var/lib/mysql/dbbackup/2013-09-17_22-26-09 --tmpdir=/tmp
    innobackupex: Waiting for ibbackup (pid=14699) to suspend
    innobackupex: Suspend file '/var/lib/mysql/dbbackup/2013-09-17_22-26-09/xtrabackup_suspended_2'

    xtrabackup_56 version 2.1.4 for MySQL server 5.6.11 Linux (x86_64) (revision id: 656)
    xtrabackup: uses posix_fadvise().
    xtrabackup: cd to
    xtrabackup: using the following InnoDB configuration:
    xtrabackup: innodb_data_home_dir = ./
    xtrabackup: innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:10M:autoextend
    xtrabackup: innodb_log_group_home_dir = ./
    xtrabackup: innodb_log_files_in_group = 2
    xtrabackup: innodb_log_file_size = 50331648
    2013-09-17 22:26:09 7f1fd2104720 InnoDB: Operating system error number 2 in a file operation.
    InnoDB: The error means the system cannot find the path specified.
    2013-09-17 22:26:09 7f1fd2104720 InnoDB: File name ./ib_logfile0
    2013-09-17 22:26:09 7f1fd2104720 InnoDB: File operation call: 'open' returned OS error 71.
    2013-09-17 22:26:09 7f1fd2104720 InnoDB: Cannot continue operation.
    innobackupex: Error: ibbackup child process has died at /usr/bin/innobackupex line 416.

    I can't decipher these errors.

    ib_logfile0 exists and is the size reported in the output,
    [root@server10076 mysql]# ls -lat ib_logfile0
    -rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 50331648 Sep 17 00:19 ib_logfile0

    What path is it looking for when it complains "InnoDB: The error means the system cannot find the path specified."?

    perror says 17 is a protocol error?

    [root@server10076 mysql]# perror 71
    OS error code 71: Protocol error

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi Ron,

    As you have given --defaults-file=/etc/my.cnf with innobackupex, it will check all related paths into my.cnf. Because first it gives error InnoDB: Operating system error number 2 in a file operation.
    nilnandan@nil:~$ perror 2
    OS error code 2: No such file or directory

    That means, it can't able to find data dir for taking backup of ibdata and ib_logfiles. Can you check my.cnf that all paths are properly defined? Please share your my.cnf and Xtrbackup version which you are using for further investigation. Thanks.


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      Thanks. The /etc/my.cnf is very simple and doesn't include the datadir. I guess there is another version around that contains datadir (I didn't install mysql and i'm a linux novice so I don't where). Anyway, I added datadir=/var/lib/mysql to /etc/my.cnf and it worked. More descriptive error messages would be helpful.


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        Hitting the same problem here. Seems like a bug in innobackupex.

        MySQL works just fine without the paths innodb_data_home_dir and innodb_log_group_home_dir specified, and simply defaults to the data dir for both.

        Innobackupex seems to need them specified explicitly, though. Not a deal breaker, it turns out, as you can simply add both explicitly to you config file you'll be fine:

        # /etc/my.cnf
        innodb_data_home_dir = /var/lib/mysql
        innodb_log_group_home_dir = /var/lib/mysql
        # ...

        Note also that the purpose of --defaults-file= - at least as I understand it - is to pass supplemental information to innobackupex. You don't need to point it to your /etc/my.cnf explicitly. So if you can't modify /etc/my.cnf easily right now, you can always work around the error by passing innobackupex a short supplemental file that only contains this, and it will work:

        # /etc/my.innobackupex.cnf
        innodb_data_home_dir = /var/lib/mysql
        innodb_log_group_home_dir = /var/lib/mysql

        You only need to invoke it like this:

        innobackupex --defaults-file=/etc/my.innobackupex.cnf [db credentials] ./dbbackup/


        • webmat
          webmat commented
          Editing a comment
          Correction: --defaults-file= is meant to specify a complete config file, not additional parameters.