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  • Output formats of xtra backup

    I successfully created a full backup with innobackupex.
    It created some frm ibd and other files.
    1) Is it possible to create an output that is same as an export created by phpmyadmin ? A dump?
    Or xtra backup only creates binary files in percona format ?
    2) I want to store some of the backups in my local machine. Is it possible to create a full backup inside 1 file.
    So I can download that file rather than whole folder.
    Thank you

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    Xtrabackup is for creating binary backups. If you want a logical backup (like you are creating from phpMyAdmin), then you will want to use mysqldump. You may however archive/compress the backup that Xtrabackup made into a single file using tar:


    cmd> tar cvzf my-backup.tar.gz /path/to/backup

    Then to open/uncompress the archive after downloading it to your computer:

    cmd> tar -xvf my-backup.tar.gz


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      Thank you very much scott.