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advice on incremental backups to NFS storage

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  • advice on incremental backups to NFS storage

    I'd like to get some advice and pointers from fellow users of percona xtradb and xtrabackup.

    I am working on backing up a fairly busy database server(4.8TB) to an NFS export hosted on a NAS4Free server.
    I am not allowed to take it offline during the backup.

    Other than making sure to mount the NFS share with noac,noasync are there other things I should watch out for?
    (from percona post:http://www.mysqlperformanceblog.com/...mysql-backups/)

    Also, should I use xtrabackup or innobackupex? Am I correct in my understanding that xtrabackup is used to backup
    a database with purely innodb tables? In my case, the main database(4.5TB) is all innodb but the other databases like
    mysql contain myisam tables. So in my case, I should use innobackupex to backup all databases?

    Database server information:

    lsb_release:Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS

    mysqld --version:
    mysqld Ver 5.5.28-29.1-log for Linux on x86_64 (Percona Server (GPL), Release 29.1)

    xtrabackup --version:
    xtrabackup version 2.0.4 for Percona Server 5.1.59 unknown-linux-gnu (x86_64) (revision id: undefined)

    innobackup --version:
    InnoDB Backup Utility v1.5.1-xtrabackup

    10 second load via dstat -cmndr:
    ----total-cpu-usage---- ------memory-usage----- -net/total- -dsk/total- --io/total-
    usr sys idl wai hiq siq| used buff cach free| recv send| read writ| read writ
    10 0 86 4 0 0|39.9G 143M 7104M 211M| 0 0 | 589k 8184k|36.2 893
    16 1 75 7 0 0|39.9G 143M 7105M 211M| 997k 1628k|2912k 18M| 182 3089
    17 1 76 6 0 0|39.9G 143M 7105M 211M| 975k 1634k|2128k 15M| 133 2809
    22 1 66 10 0 0|39.9G 143M 7106M 209M|1382k 2308k| 960k 24M|60.0 1917
    15 1 76 8 0 0|39.9G 143M 7106M 209M| 701k 1112k|2048k 15M| 128 1400
    15 1 74 11 0 0|39.9G 143M 7106M 209M| 633k 1101k| 752k 22M|47.0 1604
    18 1 72 8 0 1|39.9G 143M 7078M 237M|1504k 2875k| 848k 20M|53.0 1634
    16 1 73 10 0 0|39.9G 143M 7079M 237M| 645k 1659k| 480k 21M|30.0 1194
    14 0 67 18 0 0|39.9G 143M 7079M 237M| 599k 793k| 320k 15M|20.0 593

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