save original my.cnf with the backup

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  • save original my.cnf with the backup

    What do you think about a new feature that would make Xtrabackup capable of saving the original my.cnf - under a different name - with the backup.
    It's _really_ not a big deal to copy it with a separate command but it would be a handy feature during semi-automated replication building(plus having another config backup stored with the data couldn't do any harm )

    Do you think it is worth opening a feature request for this?

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    Hi Miklos,
    Thanks for the suggestion. There is a backup-my.cnf stored with xtrabackup, but it is not (I believe) a full copy of the config, just necessary Innodb params. I'm unsure why this doesn't include the entire my.cnf.

    I'd suggest you register a blueprint for a new feature in Xtrabackup to support this: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/percona-xtrabackup


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      Thanks Jay,
      I opened one.