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  • Problem with pt-table-sync

    I am using pt-table-sync to determine whether our replicated databases are in sync. All servers are running the same version of CentOS (6.2) and the same version of MySQL (Percona 5.5.20-55-log). The version of pt-table-sync we are using is 2.1.1.

    Our replication setup is like this:

    A -> B (high-speed connection)
    B -> C (high-speed connection)
    B -> D (LOW-speed connection)
    D -> E (high-speed connection)
    D -> F (high-speed connection)

    Here's the pt-table-sync command I am using:

    pt-table-sync --print --wait 12000 --no-check-triggers \
    --ignore-databases=information_schema,performance_schema,my s ql,arch \
    --tables=exp.schedule,fbp.user_sp_term,fbp.user_syll abus_ite m \
    --sync-to-master \
    h=(appropriate IP),u=dba,p=???

    I have not had any problems using this command where there is a high-speed network connection, but I get the following error message *every* time I use it over our LOW-speed connection:

    DBD::mysql::db commit failed: MySQL server has gone away at /usr/bin/pt-table-sync line 8821.
    Issuing rollback() for database handle being DESTROY'd without explicit disconnect().

    I have increased the "--wait" to the current 12000, but that does not seem to help.

    Am I using the command incorrectly? Is there another parameter that I need to be using? I will appreciate any assistance.

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    --wait might not do what you think. You might need to use --set-vars and add wait_timeout to it.


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      Baron, thank you. My sync check finally worked when I changed the command to:

      pt-table-sync --print --wait 24000 --set-vars wait_timeout=24000 --no-check-triggers \
      --ignore-databases=information_schema,performance_schema,my s ql,arch \
      --tables=exp.schedule,fbp.user_sp_term,fbp.user_syll abus_ite m \
      --sync-to-master \
      h=(appropriate IP),u=dba,p=???

      This particular slave is connected to its master over a T1 connection.........all other connections are either 100M or 1G.

      Thanks again.