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Need for a two steps pt-online-schema-change

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  • Need for a two steps pt-online-schema-change

    My use case is the following: I have two java servers. When I want to deploy a new Java application, I need to isolate one of them, deploy a new Java application, apply mysql schema changes, stop first server, activate second servers. Under this scenario, server1 is still working against the old schema for sometime.

    What I would like to do is:
    1. deploy new application in server2
    2. create a new table
    3. copy data into new table
    4. keep new table in sync with old table (just old -> new, not the contrary)
    5. block server1
    6. recreate foreign keys pointing to new table
    7. rename new table to old table
    8. activate server2

    It seems I need pl-online-schema-change but in two steps. First step comprises points 2-4. Second step points 6-7.
    From 5 to 8 is the downtime period.

    First question is: do points 6 and 7 take long time respect to the previous ones?
    Second question is: can I achieve this in pl-online-schema-change?