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  • Package Options for Percona Toolkit

    Hi Percona Team,

    is there a reason why you offer the Percona Toolkit only as 'deb' or 'rpm' package? The rpm package has some dependencies which are not fullfilled in the way expected by the the rpm package, but ARE fullfilled from the perspective of Perl. So, would it be possible to get a common tar.gz file which could be installed the usual way:

    perl Makefile.PL
    make install

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards

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    Hi McA, the tar.gz version is available from our Percona Toolkit download page.


    Hope that helps!
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      Hi Tom,

      thank you for the pointer. Which is the official way to get to this download link?
      I couldn't find it.

      Best regards


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        Hi McA,

        I talked with the product team and they will probably update that to make it more clear. When you click on the "Download latest" link (on main downloads page with all products) it offers only "RPM" and "deb" packages, but when you go to "other version" and browse directories in root of every version you can see the tarball. So thanks for passing that along.
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          Hi Tom,

          thank you for this answer. In this case I want to propose that you add the option 'tar.gz' in the drop down as seen at other places too.

          Another comment. The whole .tar.gz distribution can be installed like a charm with the well known Perl tool 'cpanm'.

          I did a cpanm -v -l /path/to/location ./percona-toolkit-2.2.9.tar.gz which installed all components as expected.
          cpanm is able to install all prerequisites depending on the documented dependencies in that distribution. And there I found out that some modules are missing.
          When you look at the Makefile.PL you can see the lines

          PREREQ_PM => {
          DBI => 1.46,
          DBD::mysql => 3.0000_0,

          I did a static code analysis on all of your scripts searching for use and require statements.
          After matching the corelists of the perl version 5.008, I'm pretty sure that the following
          external dependencies are missing:


          As soon as these dependencies are declared in the Makefile.PL a tool like cpanm is able to pull all requirements from CPAN.
          With this static analysis I'm of course not able to see which minimum version has to be installed to let the whole thing work as expected.

          I woud be glad to see these dependencies declared explicitly in a future version of percona-toolkit.

          Best regards