pt-slave-delay is more delay than set value

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  • pt-slave-delay is more delay than set value

    Slave Server is delayed more than 12 hours even though I use pt-slave-delay with --delay=12h option.
    The slave usually is delayed for about 12 hours but slave is delays for more thant 20 hours
    after cold backup which stops MySQL. pt-slave-delay have been stopped for about ten hours.

    I reproducted this problem on test environment and test scripts.

    1. Building 1 Master and 1 Slave replicatioin environment

    2. stop MySQL on slave
    slave> /etc/init.d/mysql stop

    3. generate test data on master
    # sh create_data.sh

    4. execute update MySQL data script on master after generating test data
    # update_data.sh

    5. start MySQL and pt-slave-delay on slave
    # /etc/init.d/mysql start; /usr/bin/pt-slave-delay --delay=12h --interval=30s localhost

    6 waiting for a while....

    I attached pt-slave-delay log. pt-slave-delay wrote the follwing message
    2013-08-01T17:27:35 STOP SLAVE until 2013-08-01T19:50:07 at master position mysql-bin.000005/4757615

    However pt-slave-delay didn't start at around 19:50. It started at 4:30:06 on the next day.
    It is 18 hour behind!
    2013-08-02T04:30:06 START SLAVE until master 2013-08-01T16:30:05 mysql-bin.000005/2045535

    Why is pt-slave-delay more delayed than set values(12h)?

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    The delay will always be approximate, however your variation sounds like a bigger variance than expected.

    If you are starting pt-slave-delay on the slave while the slave is already behind the master (slave lag), then you may be hitting this bug:


    You may also try having the tool connect to the master to calculate the delay (i.e. the --user-master option). I've never used that personally, but worth a try to see if it makes any difference for you.

    Scott Nemes


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      Hi scott.nemes

      Thank you for giving me good advice.

      I tries to use --use-master option but nothing has worked.
      The problem still unsloved.

      I applied the following patched and rechecked the behaviour.

      The patch sloved the problem but other problem it generated the new problem.
      Replication delay gradually become shorter and become 0 delay for the last time.