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Percona Server for MongoDB 3.4.4-1.4 is Now Available

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  • Percona Server for MongoDB 3.4.4-1.4 is Now Available

    Percona announces the release of Percona Server for MongoDB 3.4.4-1.4 on May 9, 2017. Download the latest version from the Percona web site or the Percona Software Repositories.

    Percona Server for MongoDB is an enhanced, open source, fully compatible, highly-scalable, zero-maintenance downtime database supporting the MongoDB v3.4 protocol and drivers. It extends MongoDB with Percona Memory Engine and MongoRocks storage engine, as well as several enterprise-grade features:
    Percona Server for MongoDB requires no changes to MongoDB applications or code.

    This release is based on MongoDB 3.4.4 and includes the following additional changes:
    • #PSMDB-122: Added the script to binary tarball.
    • #PSMDB-127: Fixed cleanup of deleted documents and indexes for MongoRocks. When you upgrade to this release, deferred compaction may occur and cause database size to decrease significantly.
    • #PSMDB-133: Added the wiredTigerCheckpointSizeMB variable, set to 1000 in the configration template for WiredTiger. Valid values are 32 to 2048 (2GB), with the latter being default.
    • #PSMDB-138: Implemented SERVER-23418 for MongoRocks.

    Percona Server for MongoDB 3.4.4-1.4 release notes are available in the official documentation.