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    I'm considering using PMP, I looked at the plugins code and it's a strong one, compare to other templates I looked at.

    My only concern is maintenance as an open-source project:
    I know Baron developed this project, and now that he left Percona, I wonder if it is still actively developed/maintained.
    I see the latest update (beside one bug fix) was 5 month ago, latest real development was 8 months ago/

    Can you please elaborate on your future plans to maintain the project?
    (It can be in private message as well).

    Thank you very much!
    Eyal Yurman.

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    We have some plans for PMP in the nearest future as we use it actively with some our customers.

    The brief plan is:
    - to close existing issues;
    - to build RPM/DEB packages with Cacti templates and Nagios plugins separately.

    Thanks for patience,
    Roman Vynar
    Remote DBA


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      Also the main brake for active PMP development I think is some stuff not related to MySQL directly which requires more time.