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Percona Amazon RDS Monitoring Template for Cacti

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  • Percona Amazon RDS Monitoring Template for Cacti

    Hi guys!
    The leader in my team asked me to monitor RDS Instance AWS using Cacti so I gave Google a quick search and found out about this Percona Amazon RDS Monitoring Template for Cacti. This was the article that i followed.
    The point is when i was trying to test the scripts, there was a error came up said: Unable to get a RDS statistics.
    I checked the AWS key carefully and i'm sure there is nothing to do with this.
    And i also trying to add a RDS template in XML format downloaded from Percona homepage but when i add a new device in Cacti, i dont know how to do.
    What to do with Downed Device Detection ?? f

    In the case i left it out, the graph appeared with no data. I dont know why. You guys have any idea about it?
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    maybe it got someting to do with spine, check this out:


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      Originally posted by umarzuki View Post
      maybe it got someting to do with spine, check this out:

      Thanks but in this case, the RDS instance dont have its own IP so i dont know how to do. I just put the RDS Identifier in the Hostname field.
      Maybe it's related to the Percona??? Cause when i using Apache or Mysql Template for my host which is has Elastic Ip, i still didn't get any data from the graph,


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        Anyone else has any idea?


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          you may need to verify that xml uploaded to the right place


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            What region is your instance in? If not us-east-1 than it's not supported until the next release.
            However, you can edit the script and easily fix it until that.
            Let me know if this is a case.

            Otherwise, try -l option to list the instances: $ ./cacti/scripts/ -l
            List of all DB instances:


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              Hi Guys !!!
              Currently I'm using percona-monitoring-plugins-1.1.4 to integrate my RDS instance to Cacti monitoring system. For that i've correctly configured /etc/boto.cfg & create my RDS instance on us-east-1 region. But I'm getting message as "Unable to get RDS details".

              root@~:~/percona-monitoring-plugins-1.1.4# ./cacti/scripts/ -l
              Unable to get RDS details

              I've used following site as reference :