Trouble with Mongodb & Cacti Monitor Plugins

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  • Trouble with Mongodb & Cacti Monitor Plugins

    Love your work!

    After downloading the plugins for cacti I got right to monitoring my Mysql DB. And life is good.
    So I tried the Redis tools, and after a quick adjustment in the ss_get_by_ssh.php graphing of Redis springs to life. Great!
    So Mongo is next. Same ssl, keys, no changes to the cacti env. It looks good so far... but data never populates. :-(

    manually run the php from the cacti host as described in the documents; php /usr/share/.../ss_get_by_ssh.php --type mongodb --host my-host --items mk,ml

    Result returned is mk:-1 ml:0
    I get this result if run as root or cacti. Since this was similar to my Redis deployment, I figured ssh was the issue. After manually ssh'ing into the mongo server, running the query, I get plenty of results. Yet I'm still get a -1 return from the cacti host. I try this on all the --items for mongo... and ~75% return -1 while the rest return 0

    I'm new to Percona and only just relearning Cacti.
    Anyone able to help me out?


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    Bump... any suggestions, anyone?


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      I don't understand why this is not working.
      from the mongo db host I see the valid ssh connections
      Jul 23 17:47:20 <mongo-host> sshd[3872]: Accepted publickey for root from <cacti-host> port 55998 ssh2
      Jul 23 17:47:21 <mongo-host> sshd[3872]: Received disconnect from <cacti-host>: 11: disconnected by user

      On the cacti-host, in /tmp/<mongo-host>_mongodb_cacti_stats.txt I can see the temp file for the stats. contain this;

      gg:-1 gh:-1 gi:-1 gj:-1 gk:-1 gl:-1 gm:-1 gn:-1 go:-1 gp:-1 gq:-1 gr:-1 gs:-1 gt:-1 gu:-1 gv:-1 gw:-1 gx:-1 gy:-1 gz:-1 hg:-1 hh:-1 hi:-1 hj:-1 hk:-1 hl:-1 hm:-1 hn:-1 ho:-1 hp:-1 hq:-1 hr:-1 hs:-1 ht:-1 hu:-1 hv:-1 hw:-1 hx:-1 hy:-1 hz:-1 ig:-1 ih:-1 ii:-1 ij:-1 ik:-1 il:-1 im:-1 in:-1 io:-1 ip:-1 iq:-1 ir:-1 is:-1 it:-1 iu:-1 iv:-1 iw:-1 ix:-1 iy:-1 iz:-1 jg:-1 jh:-1 ji:-1 jj:-1 jk:-1 jl:-1 jm:-1 jn:-1 jo:-1 jp:-1 jq:-1 jr:-1 js:-1 jt:-1 ju:-1 jv:-1 jw:-1 jx:-1 jy:-1 jz:-1 kg:-1 kh:-1 ki:-1 kj:-1 kk:-1 kl:-1 km:-1 kn:-1 ko:-1 kp:-1 kq:-1 kr:-1 ks:-1 kt:-1 ku:-1 kv:-1 kw:-1 kx:-1 ky:-1 kz:-1 lg:-1 lh:-1 li:-1 lj:-1 lk:-1 ll:-1 lm:-1 ln:-1 lo:-1 lp:-1 lq:-1 lr:-1 ls:-1 lt:-1 lu:-1 lv:-1 lw:-1 lx:-1 ly:-1 lz:-1 mg:-1 mh:-1 mi:-1 mj:-1 mk:-1 ml:0 mm:0 mn:0 mo:-1 mp:-1 mq:-1 mr:-1 ms:-1 mt:-1 mu:-1 mv:-1 mw:-1 mx:-1 my:-1 mz:-1 ng:-1 nh:-1 ni:-1 nj:-1 nk:-1 nl:-1 nm:-1 nn:-1 no:-1 np:-1 nq:-1 nr:-1 ns:-1 nt:-1 nu:-1 nv:-1 nw:-1 nx:-1 ny:-1 nz:-1 og:-1 oh:-1 oi:-1 oj:-1 ok:-1 ol:-1 om:-1 on:-1 oo:-1 op:-1

      If I ssh manually with the same user and ssh key I use in the ss_get_by_ssh.php, into the mongo-host and run the command below I get complete success. I'm thinking a path issues?
      db._adminCommand({serverStatus : 1});


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        Problem solved.


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          Hi karlwr, I'm glad you figured this out and sorry no one came to offer some advice. How did you finally resolve it?
          Is this an emergency? Get immediate assistance from Percona Support 24/7. .


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            I am having the same issue listed here. ss_get_by_ssh.php works great to my other monitors. It is collecting CPU, memory, networking, etc from my mongoDB server. It just wont pull the mongoDB status.

            I do have authentication in place for my mongoDB and I am guessing thats the issue but have not been able to find any documentation on where to configure that.

            I am running Percoan Monitoring Tools 1.1.3, i am not opposed to installing 1.1.5 the latest at this time but I was hoping for some direction to go in before that.