Configure Alerts for MongoDB on PMM

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  • Configure Alerts for MongoDB on PMM

    I am new to PMM.
    I have setup a PMM environment on my VM. but it seems to be complicated to setup the Alerts. especially when you want to setup alerts by modifying on the basis of default queries. I need some basic alerts for
    1. mongodb service uptime.
    2. Mongodb state change(when primary automatically switches to a different state)
    3. max connections threshold.
    4. number of delete/update and read queries.

    Can someone please provide the queries which I can use to setup Alerts in PMM.

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    Hello, did you fix this issue yet? Some links that might help:Also, have you seen the PMM demos with MongoDB graphs? https://pmmdemo.percona.com/graph/da...esh=1m&orgId=1

    If you find something there that you want to emulate, let me know and I will see if I can get more information for you.
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