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Query Analytics - Sorting Queries

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  • Query Analytics - Sorting Queries

    Is there any other way to sort the queries other than by "Top 10 of 49 Queries by % Grand Total Time (%GTT)".

    There are times I would like to see the slowest queries first for example.

    Being able to click on the Load, Count or Latency headings and sort based on them would also be nice.

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    Not right now. But we recognize the limitation and plan fixing it in the future version


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      Yay I can beta or alpha test for U any time.


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        On the same idea, is it possible to add in the future query analytics per cluster? It would be nice to have an overall view from a single page


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          Hello abirladeanu welcome to our Forums! I'll make sure that our Product Manager, Michael, sees your question/suggestion. THANKS!


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            I just thought I'd update this - it's a great suggestion and is on the cards for a future version.

            There's no date in the plan that I can share yet. If you subscribe to receive email updates on product news, then you'll be notified when new releases come available.