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Change/add HTTP auth user

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  • Change/add HTTP auth user

    I would like to add another HTTP auth user, or if that's not possible, just change the username/password to something suitable to share with others in my org. How can this be accomplished?


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    Hi bmorton, thank you for this feature request. At the moment this is not supported.

    I have logged this request as
    Kind Regards,
    God Bless,

    Roel Van de Paar (UTC+10)
    Technical Director - Quality Assurance, Percona


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      Thank you Roel! Is it possible to just change my password?


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        I am interested in this as well. I entered my own username and password upon installation and now that I am ready to share it with my coworkers I would like to be able to change the user and/or password. I am using the VMware OVF


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          Hi Tim Schmolzi , bmorton

          Thanks for your interest in this feature. We don't have a method currently to change the username or password on a running instance. Rather when we ship our PMM 2.0 release we will be re-working the security model and at that time we'll have a chance to implement password change that makes it consistent for authentication to all PMM resources.