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DEB/RPM Package to install PMM server

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  • DEB/RPM Package to install PMM server

    We are using a centralized dedicated server to monitor services like MySQL, nGinx etc.
    We want to install PMM server to monitor MySQL performance but we do not want to use deploy services like virtual appliance, docker or AWS.
    How can I setup directly on the server using DEB/RPM package?
    Please provide the steps to install PMM server.

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    There are no RPM or DEB packages available for PMM Server and there are no plans to provide them at this point.

    Any particular reason you can't use for example Docker based deployment ?


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      Due to lack of experience with Docker we prefer to install it as DEB/RPM package.

      We are using zabbix to monitor services, we have setup Percona monitoring plugins 1.1.6 older version, as latest version 1.1.7 does not support zabbix 3.0.

      Information getting in percona zabbix plugin is good but we are looking for metrics and query analytics which PMM server shows in demo.

      Can we install docker on that same machine where zabbix is installed? How much memory and disk space is require to install PMM docker image? I hope it does not affect current zabbix setup.


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        You do not need much experience with Docker to run PMM, it does not require any advanced docker configuration for basic use so as long as you can follow directions you will be fine

        Docker itself also provides very small overhead compared to running same processes which PMM Server runs if they would be run with Packages.

        You can run Docker on the same machine Zabbix is installed. Amount of memory PMM will use depends on settings and of course environment size. We have systems as small as 2GB of RAM and as large as 128GB+ of RAM running PMM.


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          Let me try.


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            I have the needs and skills to RPM package the components needed, where do I start?


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              Hi Oden,

              The problem is not really doing builds. If you look inside PMM Docker container or OVA you will find playbook-install.yml file which numbers of RPMs which are used internally for builds and updates, here is RPM list which are used internally.


              These are not exposed publicly as we do not do any compatibility testing outside of very specific CentOS version.

              If you're looking to contribute I would suggest producing unofficial guide about how to install PMM on Generic RHEL7/CENTOS7 or other compatible distributions.


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                Before installing docker, I have some queries:

                1. How PMM server will monitor the MySQL queries? Do we need to replicate database on PMM server?
                2. Does PMM client copies all MySQL queries (select, Insert, update, delete etc) to PMM server, I mean all the values passed to MySQL query at application level will directly send to PMM server? If yes, then security could be the concern or it send only query stats to PMM server?
                3. We are using partition on few tables, Does PMM server will measure the performance of those queries?


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                  Thanks Peter,

                  I got a complete RPM list by looking at the various rpm databases in the pmm-server-1.5.3.docker file. BTW. How are you supposed to use this *.docker file with docker? I found no info about this at all (I'm a docker rookie).

                  Is there a reason for using Percona-Server 5.5.58 packages and not 5.6 or the latest 5.7?


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                    PMM Can capture Queries through either MySQL Slow Query log or through Performance Schema. The examples of these queries when going to be stored in the database located on PMM Server. PMM does not store any additional data on the databases it monitors

                    Because you run PMM Server in your own data center typically you can make it compliant with security needs you have. However if you can't you can disable capturing of "examples" and only capture query digests with all the actual values removed from them.

                    See --disable-query-examples option

                    If you partition tables and this impacts query performance you of course will see it in PMM


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                      You would need to read FAQ on Docker Here is some information

                      Percona Server 5.5 is used for historical needs in Docker (OVA and Amazon Marketplace use newer version). PMM Does work with Percona Server 5.7 and we're looking to replace Percona Server 5.5 in the future versions


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                        Does PMM server (--disable-query-examples) capturing query digests and pt-query-digestcommand provides same result?


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                          Please update on this comment #12


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                            Results should be similar. However code bases are different so I expect some differences as well