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Some metrics suddenly brief exception

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  • Some metrics suddenly brief exception

    My PMM is deployed in Docker and the version is 1.5.1 . OS is ubuntu 16.04

    My MySQL is AWS RDS . The dashboard is MySQL Overview.

    Some metrics become exception suddenly in short time .

    Anyone occured it ? Is it a bug ? Thanks a lot .

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    How frequently does this happen ? It looks like abnormal jump in Questions counter which is reported by MySQL server.

    Can you go to Advanced Data Exploration dashboard and pull out raw data for "mysql_global_status_questions" as shown on the attached image

    It should show if there is a problem with Raw data jump or something else.


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      The frequency of occurrence is uncertain . Not only this metrics is abnormal , other metrics is so .

      The below is mysql_global_status_questions and mysql_global_status_commands_total (command='insert') in abnormal time .

      What is real question ? Thanks