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  • PMM Container custom URL/Port


    I would like to customize the default setup for this not to take me to http://IP. I would like to manage this container in Apache vhost. How would you set it up to go to https://internalIP/pmm/?

    I am new to containers and PMM but I would like this to be behind SSL/TLS via HTTPS and add the URL to include /pmm/ so it doesnt become the root URL. I would also like this not to be exposed on the external IP only the internal eth1 IP.


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    it is impossible to change base URL inside PMM Server container itself because PMM Client relies on such urls like http://PMM-SERVER-IP/v1/ or http://PMM-SERVER-IP/qan-api/.

    it is possible to configure PMM to work via SSL, see https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-.../security.html

    You can setup server and clients inside the private network and don't expose PMM interface to the public internet.
    If you want -- you can configure independently installed HTTP reverse proxy (like nginx or apache) for exposing PMM interface via public URL like https://internalIP/pmm/
    keep in mind that you need to configure rewriting rules on your reverse proxy, like in the following nginx example
            rewrite             ^/pmm$ /pmm/;
            location /graph {
                proxy_pass      http://PMM-SERVER-IP:80;
                rewrite         ^/pmm/(.*) /$1 break;