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  • PMM graphs look strange

    We have a PMM installation and the graphs look like this...I don't think there are any network issues because that would probably affect our production and we would get notified about it very quickly.
    The server that runs the PMM docker container is an old database server, it's an PowerEdge R720 with SSD's in RAID10 and 127 Gb memory so it should be able to handle the monitoring tool. The server is also located at the same network segment as the servers it monitor

    Any tuning that needs to be done or what can i look for. The tool is useful but the graphs are not when they look like this
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    Hi Catoman , I would suggest you send us a screen capture of the Prometheus dashboard. Usually we see gaps in the graphs for the following reasons:
    • db server overloaded, and times out on metrics retrieval from mysqld_exporter
    • network TTL taking longer than scrape interval (1s by default) - common
    • PMM server overloaded. Given the specs you mention you're well provisioned
    Also send us a screen capture of /prometheus/targets