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critical bug: pmm-client 1.1.3 mysql:queries exit with status 1

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  • critical bug: pmm-client 1.1.3 mysql:queries exit with status 1

    I'm facing trouble while upgrading

    pmm-admin add mysql --user root --password password

    [linux:metrics] OK, already monitoring this system.
    [mysql:metrics] OK, now monitoring MySQL metrics using DSN root:***@unix(/data/mysql/mysql.sock)
    [mysql:queries] Error adding MySQL queries: problem with agent registration on QAN API: exit status 1

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    Hi JoyG , my apologies for not answering your post sooner. May I suggest you remove the instance, and then re-add with --verbose so we can get greater detail for why the QAN part is failing?
    pmm-admin remove mysql
    pmm-admin add mysql --verbose


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      I am currently experiencing the same output when attempting to add the mysql:queries service to a fresh pmm-client installation.
      Thus far I have not found a clear solution to the problem.

      My verbose output is given in the txt file.
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        Hi Pomoens,

        can you give me the version of your PMM Server and PMM Client?
        Do you have enough free space inside PMM Server container?
        Is pmm-admin tool has been run from root rights?

        according to logs your application failed during percona-qan-agent-installer run
        see for details
        percona-qan-agent-installer tool has debug flag.

        can you run percona-qan-agent-installer in debug mode and share output?
        theoretically, needed command can look like this:
        /usr/local/percona/qan-agent/bin/percona-qan-agent-installer -debug -mysql=false -server-user=USER -server-pass=PASSWORD PMM-IP
        please use the following command if you are working via SSL
        /usr/local/percona/ qan -agent/bin/percona- qan -agent-installer -debug -mysql=false -server-user=USER -server-pass=PASSWORD -use-insecure-ssl PMM-IP:443


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          I had same issue.

          In my case, my docker mysql database was not up in docker.

          so QAN was not ready to receive from client.