switch pmm clients to new pmm server

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  • switch pmm clients to new pmm server

    i've been running new PMM server.

    - both of pmm server has the same OS (suse SLES 12 sp2), username and password.
    - i've changed parameters in /usr/local/percona/pmm-client/pmm.yml and restart service (pmm-admin restart)
    - network check is OK:
    "# pmm-admin check-network
    PMM Network Status
    Server Address | [correct server IP]
    Client Address | [correct client IP]
    * Connection: Client --> Server
    -------------------- -------
    -------------------- -------
    Consul API OK
    Prometheus API OK
    Query Analytics API OK
    Connection duration | 153.578µs
    Request duration | 508.65µs
    Full round trip | 662.228µs

    No monitoring registered for this node identified as '[client name]'."

    Which steps are missing to switch pmm clients to new server ?

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    Hi jackber ,

    The best approach is to remove all local monitoring and then re-add. The example below shows how to stop, remove, and re-add - note that in your case you probably want a MySQL, MongoDB, or ProxySQL stanza instead of just linux:metrics for removal, and re-addition:
    pmm-admin stop --all
    pmm-admin list
    pmm-admin remove linux:metrics 
    pmm-admin config --server
    pmm-admin add linux:metrics
    There is no state maintained on the client, rather they are passive listeners for incoming scrape requests from Prometheus. In your case, Consul on the new PMM instance isn't aware of the host to be newly scraped so Prometheus never attempts to collect metrics. Hope this helps,