Bundled Orchestrator as HA Solution?

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  • Bundled Orchestrator as HA Solution?


    Im currently evaluating our future MySQL Architecture. We already had an Percona Consultant here, so we decided to stick with asynchronous write replication.
    Therefore we are currently looking to introduce MHA or Orchestrator. Because MHA is itself not trivial runnable in HA mode and because of:

    It does check a broken node’s

    slaves replication state to determine if Orchestrator isn’t the only one losing connectivity (in

    which it should just do nothing with the production servers). This is already a big improvement

    compared to MySQLFailover, MHA or even MaxScale’s failoverscripts.
    I'm highly interested in Orchestrator at the Moment, but also the setup is more complicated.
    Now I also took a look at PMM and it is bundled with an Orchestrator version. Is the bundled Orchestrator meant as a fully blown Replication Manager which also handles failovers?
    If yes, is it possible to "cluster" two instances of PMM together somehow?

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    Hi Alwin Mark ,

    Orchestrator is bundled as part of PMM, but by default is left unconfigured. We document the steps to get Orchestrator functional.

    Regarding clustering of PMM, at this time we do not support any interaction between multiple PMM server instances. Since your post focuses on Orchestrator, in what use case would you like to see Orchestrator "clustered"? for HA? If that is the concern, have you reviewed: https://github.com/github/orchestrat...vailability.md

    Which parts of this HA plan would you like to see supported by PMM?