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  • "access denied" failure

    I have just removed 1.0.3 and installed 1.0.4 on a server. I get:

    Warning 2014-07-10 13:16:09 mm-mysql-db1.towxchange.net Failed to connect to MySQL after 1 tries (Error 1045: Access denied for user 'percona-agent'@'localhost' (using password: YES))

    every couple of minutes in the log. Here is a snippet from the install:

    Create MySQL user for agent? ('N' to use existing user) (Y):
    Specify a root/super MySQL user to create a user for the agent
    MySQL username: root
    MySQL password:
    MySQL host[: port] or socket file (localhost):
    Testing MySQL connection root:...@tcp(
    MySQL connection OK
    Creating new MySQL user for agent...
    Agent MySQL user: percona-agent:0xc2080297a02596996162@tcp(

    As you can see, I specified as the host. The installer created a user percona-agent@, which I modified to percona-agent@localhost due to the error message I was receiving. I have verified the password hash. I have also added a duplicate user percona-agent@ with the same password hash and privileges (SUPER, PROCESS). What have I missed?

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    Hi pblazek,

    Could you request support from our web interface on cloud.percona.com? After you login, please use a "Support" button which is at the bottom of the page and include all above details in the message.


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      Done - thanks.


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        I'm getting the same thing. Will request support.


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          Maybe is because the root permissions have been lost... you would have to check it,
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