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Why TokuDB Deprecated ?

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  • Why TokuDB Deprecated ?

    Hello, I've recently updated percona server from 5.7 to 8.0, It's too bad to hear that TokuDB will be deprecated as storage engine. What is the main reason ? Should I change the storage engine to MyRocks ?

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    I'm not qualified to speak on behalf of Percona, but this announcement surprised me also. I strongly think Percona does not have the skillset or manpower to finish the remaining open topics from TokuDB or bring it to next level.


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      I don't know.
      I am using tokudb for a Time Series Database with 5000Million registers
      Will Rockdb support that ?.


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        Lotia I have a similar use case and tried to play with RocksDB. Compared to TokuDB, where a simple "alter table... engine=TokuDB" was all I needed, with RocksDB I encountered problems over problems, to the extend I was even considering diving deep in MySQL and fix TokuDB myself. Have you played with RocksDB until now? If yes, do you have some suggestions regarding good settings for timeseries?