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  • Single DB Backup

    I am not sure I am reading the information correctly or not.

    Is it possible to perform full individual daily backups instead of an entire MySQL system?

    Also, we backup to an EMC DataDomain unit which does some amazing inline deduplication, however one of the requirements is that the backup cannot be compressed so need to have the ability to do individual .tar files per database.

    I read somewhere that this is not possible with Percona, can someone validate this?



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    For me, i beleive you can do it like this :
    mysqldump -u login -ppassword your_schemas > /folder/your_schemas.sql
    and replicate this for each of your schemas.
    Like this you will have a backup file by schema.



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      What are "full individual daily backups"?


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        A full backup of "a database" flushing all the logs into the database on a daily basis. It should not be a new concept and should be how DB backups work.

        If I have a 100 GB DB that will be upgraded and also the engine has another 500 GB database I should be able to consolidate all the logs into the DB and do a backup before doing the upgrade, if something happens I should be able to put it back to the moment before the upgrade without going to 500 logs or a backup of the entire system or table by table.


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          With such a large database I think you are better off with percona xtrabackup than with mysqldump performance-wise. I don't see any deduplication issues that mysqldump wouldn't have. If you want to revert the 100 GB database but not the 500 GB database, that is also possible with xtrabackup as long as you use file_per_table.

          Your message is still incomprehensible, what are 'all logs', and what is 'without going to 500 logs or a backup of the entire system or table by table'?


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            when using deduplication you cannot compressed files, so tar is OK or .sql dumps too, but nothing that compresses a file should be used.

            Of course I want to use xtrabackup, as long as I can accomplish my business requirements. When I do a full backup I expected the logs to be flushed into the DB and that is not happening.


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              It depends on what you define as the backup process. If you include running apply-logs, you have the full backup you expect.


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                But is there a apply-log function on xtrabackup?


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                  Of course, see the recipes for innobackupex on http://www.percona.com/doc/percona-x...p/how-tos.html