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  • MySQL CPU use

    Hi All,

    We have a set of MySQL servers with 110GB of ram and 2x 6core intel cpus.

    We get fairly good MySQL performance however when we do experience slow queries I take a look at system resources and see that RAM utilisation is good (nice and high) however CPU load is between 0.0 and 0.90.

    Is this a good thing or is there settings I could change to make MySQL use more CPU to gain some performance?

    I already renice MySQL to -20.

    Thanks in advance

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    "CPU load of 0.90" means 90% of all 12 cores?

    CPU cycles are not always well spent, what if a global mutex is slowing everything down? You could use a profiler to verify this.

    What version of MySQL are you using?


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      I wouldn't renice mysqld that much. If it goes crazy for any reason, and you have to try to log in to shut it down or something.... good luck getting a command prompt


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        Does MySQL [Oracle] have any recommended settings for resetting the priority of MySQL (renice)? I do recall that the 5.0 documentation said to set it at -20, which I never thought was appropriate. But now I can't seem to find any recommendation for the setting at all. I usually set it to -5. But I am wondering if this is even worth it now.