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    Hi All

    I'm installing a 4 server replication system. I want advice on best practise on how to do this.

    What I have in mind is:
    1 Write v5.0.x Innodb server
    I want to install Innodb on this machine to ensure that the data that is loaded by my applications is 100% there or not at all. Innodb will automatically roll back my transaction if it doesn't complete.
    2 Read v5.0.x MyISAM/Memory server
    I want to use memory storage engine for my data that will be queried the most to make the queries as fast as posible. I know that if the server crash the data will be lost BUT this will ONLY be a read server and it will only get the data from the Write server.
    1 Backup/Maint. v5.0.x MyISAM server
    This server will be used to make hourly backups and act as a backup server for any of the other servers.

    The Read and Read/Maint. server will receive all data and updates from the write server.

    My question is:
    1 Is this the best way of doing this(90% of DB actions at present is reads.)
    2 Can Innodb be replicated to MyISAM.(if not, please supply a reason)

    Thank you


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    Sorry all.I see there is another post like thi already. Please ignore this post.

    Sorry again