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phpMyAdmin wants me to upgrade

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  • phpMyAdmin wants me to upgrade

    Hi everyone,

    I've installed Percona Server for MySQL (5.7.22-22) on a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I used followed the instructions and everything seems to be fine. The MySQL server is running and I've imported a database and it's all good.

    But then I wanted to install phpMyAdmin and I used apt-get install phpmyadmin and got version

    The thing is when I go to the User Accounts tab in phpMyAdmin I get the message:

    Your privilege table structure seems to be older than this MySQL version!
    Please run the mysql_upgrade command(mysql_fix_privilege_tables on older systems) that should be included in your MySQL server distribution to solve this problem!
    This is not a production environment yet so I tried the mysql_upgrade command but it didn't change anything.

    Anyone experienced the same and have a solution? Thank you!

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    I found a way to fix this and will share it with you guys just in case I'm not the only one:

    So a small change in the file server_privileges.lib.php solved the problem.


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      Hello espenlg, THANK YOU! It will likely help someone else in the future.

      We took a look and it seems that the latest PhP MyAdmin source includes the fix, but it's good for anyone who is stuck for now with an old version. Thanks again!
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