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    When I have a table with a fulltext index say 'a' and another fulltext index 'b'. What would the performance be of the following query types:
    1. select * from x where match 'a' against 'blabla' in boolean mode and match 'a' against 'blabla' (not in boolean mode)..
    2. select * from x where match 'a' against 'blabla' and match 'b' against 'blabla'

    I understood MySQL can only use ONE fulltext index for the query.. is it used for both 'matches' in the first case?
    And for better performance in the second case should I create 2 tables.. so MySQL can use the fulltext index on each table 'a' and 'b' and then JOIN?


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      No. Yo use single FullText index and than match on something like

      (X01 | X03 | X03) and (Y01 | Y02 Y03)

      Note index on (X,Y) may also work with efficiently with IN but not with range