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  • Can't get this query optimized

    So - I have 3 tables: feed_datastore, feed_index_site, and site.

    feed_datastore has uuid | ts | data (which is a text column with serialized data)
    feed_index_site is site_ID | uuid
    site has site_ID | xxxx (bunch of other columns - eg one being country_ID).

    feed_datastore has data from each site and feed_index_site connects site_ID to uuid

    What I'm trying to do is extract uuid, data from feed_datastore based on the country_ID in site. I get something like this:

    SELECT a.ts,a.uuid,a.data FROM `feed_index_site` b, `feed_datastore` a, `site` c WHERE a.uuid=b.uuid AND b.site_ID=c.site_ID AND c.country_ID=4 ORDER BY ts DESC LIMIT 6

    The resulting EXPLAIN has "Using index; Using temporary; Using filesort" on table c (site) - which is killing performance. If I remove the ORDER BY ts the temporary/filesort disappear.

    I've tried a bunch of indexes which I thought would work, and even altered the feed_datastore table so that it is ordered by ts DESC but nothing works - anyone have a clue how I can make this run smoother?

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    add country_ID to the datastore table (and why is feed_index_site a seperate table?)

    then aadd an index on (country_ID,ts).


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      I went a key,value approach - so feed_datastore's key is 'uuid', and the feed_index_site relates/connects `feed_datastore` and `site`

      The reason I cannot add the country_ID value to `feed_datastore` is because the country value could change in the site table, requiring the system to then go back and update that value in `feed_datastore` anytime country_ID was changed in `site`


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        That sucks. You might try this, which will only be fast for countries appearing often.

        Add an index on table c on (site_ID,country_ID)
        Add an index on table a on (ts)

        SELECT a.ts,a.uuid,a.data
        FROM `feed_datastore` a FORCE INDEX(name of index on the ts_field)
        STRAIGHT_JOIN `feed_index_site` b ON(uuid)
        STRAIGHT_JOIN `site` c ON(site_ID)
        WHERE c.country_ID=4 ORDER BY a.ts DESC LIMIT 6

        If this is not fast, provide the output of EXPLAIN.


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          Wanted to quickly thank you for trying to help here gmouse.

          I had both indexes already created. Unfortunately when I try to run your query, I get an ambiguous error on both straight_joins (something I've never used before). I read up on it and modified your query to this:

          EXPLAIN SELECT a.ts, a.uuid, a.data
          FROM `feed_datastore` a FORCE INDEX (ts)
          STRAIGHT_JOIN `feed_index_site` b ON ( a.uuid = b.uuid )
          STRAIGHT_JOIN `site` c ON (b.site_ID=c.site_ID)
          WHERE c.country_ID =51
          ORDER BY a.ts DESC
          LIMIT 6

          id select_type table type possible_keys key key_len ref rows Extra1 SIMPLE a index NULL ts 4 NULL 113512 1 SIMPLE b ref PRIMARY,site_ID PRIMARY 42 data.a.uuid 1 Using index1 SIMPLE c eq_ref PRIMARY,country_ID,country_ID_2,site_ID,site_ID_2, ... PRIMARY 3 data.b.site_ID 1 Using where

          The problem is its basically going through the entire feed_datastore table - not so bad at 115k rows, but that will bog down really quickly (at peak it will be growing 100k a day).

          (I have some extra indexes as I've been trying to figure out what would work).


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            >> The problem is its basically going through the entire feed_datastore table - not so bad at 115k rows

            not true, please learn to read explain output when limit is used.