MySQL on Unix ERROR 1036 (HY000): Table is read only

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    By using the:

    mysql -uroot -p yourDatabase

    frontend GUI command.

    Did you try the first:
    DROP TABLE yourTable;
    in your dumpfile?
    And did you get an error or was it successful?

    If you got any other error than "Unknown table" it means that you can't do any thing to the table and you will have to try either:
    Or restart the mysql process.

    If it was successful then try and cut and paste the CREATE TABLE statement from the sql file and see if you can create the table.

    The sql file is a text file and you can try each command by cut and paste it into the mysql interactive GUI.


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      Whew. Got it. I forgot that the .sql file was a text file(and I use SQL server 2005 everyday). Anyways, dropped my existing table, and opened the .sql file in SQL server and copied the create table code and created a table. Then I copied all the insert statements and ran them. Now I have the table copied over and insert works too. Thanks a lot sterin71 and januzi. You guys are awesome.


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        sterin71 and januzi, I am new to this forum is there an award system or points system where I can thank you?