Increasing performance by parallel processing or multiple mysqld

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  • Increasing performance by parallel processing or multiple mysqld

    I'm running a search engine for realestate and I am in the process of acquiring a new server.

    My search engine process is very well suited for parallelization, therefore I want to know how I can tweak mysql to use this in an optimal way.

    I've noticed that on my present server mysql only uses one processor, the other is not used at all....

    I see a possible number of possibilities:

    1) putting different databases on different hard drives so read/write can be made fully parallel.

    2) for each database running a different mysqld on its own port.

    3) configuring my linux server so that it consist of (say) 4 virtual linux servers. Then on each of these 4 servers I install mysql for a different database.

    I haven't been able to find any references on this subject.

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    MySQL uses one processor per query. If you have many queries running at once you should see more than one CPU in use.


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      Is it possible to do parallel processing with MySQL as like in Oracle


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        You have to split up the query and do the work yourself, or use a tool such as http://www.mysqlperformanceblog.com/2010/11/15/shard-query-a dds-parallelism-to-queries/


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          Thanks for your update. Is there any function availble in MySQL to debugg procedures as like DBMSoutput in Oracle.?


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            is it possible to call webservice from mysql SP