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  • How can I speed up this query?


    Can anyone help? I have 2 table each over 2M records and it is taking ages retrieving records.

    1. A 'product' table that contains all products in store.
    2. The second table is the 'offer' table which contains all offers related to the products (e.g price,store,product condition).

    1. 'product' table fields
    [pid, country, category, image]

    2. 'offer' table fields
    [offer_id, pid, store_id, condition, price, title, stock]

    3. I need to get the image, min(price) and title for each new product.

    Current Query:
    SELECT * FROM product x, offer y
    WHERE x.pid=y.pid AND x.country = 'US' AND x.category like 'auto|accessories' AND y.condition = 'new'
    AND y.price=( select min(z.price) from pdt_offer z
    where z.pid=y.pid AND z.quality='new' AND z.stock>0)
    AND y.stock >0
    GROUP BY x.pid

    Is there a better way to do this?


    Ee Loon

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    You might start off by creating a categories table and replacing the 'category' char field in 'product' with a 'categoryId' integer field.

    Do you have any indexes on your tables?

    What is the pdt_offer table?