How can I recover InnoDB: is in the future! error?

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  • How can I recover InnoDB: is in the future! error?

    I have all the files, but I can't get the server up and running, I get the error...
    InnoDB: is in the future! What is the best way to recover this error? I also don't have backups. And innodb recovery 1-6 doesn't help either.
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    Nickolay Ihalainen wrote about this recently on Percona's MySQL Performance Blog. Here's the url.

    The second paragraph addresses this problem: "Now for the problem: LSN being in the future"

    Here's a portion of that post...

    When you have set innodb_force_recovery like this:
    and then issue a data affecting query.
    For example, if you are dropping a corrupted table after doing a mysqldump for backup purposes, InnoDB will save an incorrect LSN to ibdata1 and you will have an error message in the mysqld error log after each server restart:

    120323 4:38:52 InnoDB: Error: page 0 log sequence number 6094071743825
    InnoDB: is in the future! Current system log sequence number 10000.
    The solution: some methods to change the LSN

    Usually the safest method to fix the LSN is to insert/delete the required amount of data.

    Read the entire post for more info: http://www.mysqlperformanceblog.com/...r-lsn-forward/
    Is this an emergency? Get immediate assistance from Percona Support 24/7. .


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      @TomD, actually what I did was just rebuild the ibdata by dropping the table from table space and reimporting it.